Step 1: The Law Firm

In 2015, Digital 2 Law was born to give tech entrepreneurs a way to find help with their legal issues when doing business internationally. In 2017, the concept evolved bringing together a group of freelancer legal & tax experts focused on working with technology-enabled businesses. Today, we act as a remote law firm, reaching the following milestones:

  • Over 100 clients which we’ve worked with

  • Over 200 hours dedicated to mentoring, advising and discussing 1-on-1 with early-stage entrepreneurs

  • 15% of tech companies that have raised investment work with us

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Step 2: The Toolbox

Before Digital 2 Law, we wore different hats: from corporate lawyers to startup community manager to product builders. All these experiences made us realise the scalability that technology would bring to the legal industry. At the same time, we know 99% of the businesses do not have access to solutions to their legal problems.

We use the law firm’s experience with clients to work on proprietary products for a new generation of digital entrepreneurs.

Step 3: The Franchise

For the past few years, we started putting down notes, analyzing our interactions with customers, because we wanted to turn the unpredictability of a legal services business into a predictable pathway to sustainability.

We do not plan to build another corporate big law firm. Instead, we thought about how the insights we gained could help other small legal practices get more from their work. If you want to learn more about becoming “powered by Digital2Law”, let us know

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